How to use enables you to Lurk your whole community! Here is how
To use as usual with your Twitch community you got some ways.
But first you need to create a Twitch account which is named like your community.
Now login with this new created account to and do one of the following methods:
Discord (Twitch+Mixer)
by Favorites
by Follows
This is the recommended way to use
The Discord way will enable you to Lurk/Watch all your streaming Discord members

1. Add the Discord-Bot to your Server: Click here

2. Type ?help in your Discord to get a list of all commands or visit the following site

After logged in with your community Twitch account go into your Dashboard and click on Favorites. There you can now manually enter Streamers you want to Lurk. You can share your Favorites Links like you see below!
a) you can use the /Follows/From/ function to Lurk all the people YOU (Your Community Account) are following on Twitch. Which kinds of allows you to be picky and have an exclusive community
b) Otherwise you could use the /Follows/To/ function to Lurk all streamer which are Following your Community account! Which is more likely as old communities worked as everyone could join a community.