How does the Ranking work?

Your Server unblocked the Ranking System and you wonder how it works? Here you can read how it works.

The rankings are based on the monthly watch time and will reset on the 1st of each month.

These ranks are given to all lurkers! All ranks are rewarded from the 1st day of the month. This means that even on the 1st there will be GRAND LURKERS but might lose the role fast again.

It is always a fixed percentage about how many lurkers can have a specific role which can cause people to get demoted. I will show the percentages with example Rank names below:

  • GRAND LURKERS - top 2%

  • CHAMPION LURKERS - top 3-7%

  • GOLD LURKERS - top 8-22%

  • SILVER LURKERS - top 23-50%

  • BRONZE LURKERS - everything below with at least 1 point

Ranks update every hour

It could cause multiple promotioned / demotions if the following happens:

  1. A lot of people leave a server because this will shrink the pool of ranked people

  2. A lot op people start using on your lurklink which will increase the pool of ranked people.

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