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Tons of new Stuff ^^


Added/Improved LTV Bot & LTV Bot Web Dashboard - v0.0.2 (Alpha state!)
  • Lurkrole protected days only count for being removed from the role instead of protecting from being removed and added.
  • Added to the Bot Dashboard & Bot that you can now set an incremental value per day that your minimum required points per day increase per day. Example: It is day 3 of the month ⇒ You did set minimum required points to 60 and per day 30 = 60+(30×3) = 150 points are required on day 3

2019-07-01 - LTV Bot - v0.8.3 & Dashboard v0.0.4

Improved - LTV Bot - v0.8.3

  • ?lurktop10 can now show previous Top10 stats if you use it like this ⇒ ?lurktop10 month 2019 06
Added - Dashboard v0.0.4
  • There are now Lurker+ Settings:
    • set a Discord Invite link for your Lurkpage
    • change the Ranking system configuration
Improved -
  • In the Discord overview, Lurker+ Discords are highlighted now

2019-06-29 - Dashboard v0.0.3

  • You can now limit commands to a specific discord channel, to let the command spam out of your other channels
  • Deactivate host messages to be shown, if your discord member does not host a community member

2019-06-21 - Dashboard v0.0.2 & Bot v0.8.2

Added - LTV Bot Web Dashboard - v0.0.2 (Alpha state!)
  • User settings & -statistics
  • You can see how many are lurking you on the main screen
  • Requirement: On login users need to connect their Twitch account.

Improved - LTV Bot - v0.8.2

  • Reworked the ?live, ?lurklink & ?lurkstatus commands
  • Some improvements about how online streamers are stored.

2019-06-18 - Dashboard v0.0.1

Added - LTV Bot Web Dashboard - v0.0.1 (Alpha state!)
  • A very first version of a Web Dashboard for Server Admins and the Discord members. Expect Bugs and awesomeness →
Improved -
  • Reworked a bit of the login/logout system, so it shouldn't happen any more(or at least improved a lot) that users get logged automatically randomly. Also, after a logout / login you will get back to the same page you were before.

2019-06-17 - Bot v0.8.1

  • There are two new Discord commands in Town
    • ?lurked shows how many people are Lurking you from
    • ?referral <@mention-user> will tell the system that @mention-user recruited you. You will receive 100 bonus points and your recruiter will receive 500 bonus points. Both of you need to have used the ?addtwitch <yout-twitch-name> command. You can only get Referred once, but you can get recruit multiple people.(These points will be adjustable at a later point through a web dashboard)
  • plus one command for Twitch Subscribers
    • ?subcheck shows you how many people are lurking you from

2019-06-13 - Documentation


  • Documentation