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How do points work, and how much do I get?

You do get 75 points per 15 minutes for watching Onebyone streams

You won't get points / lurktime when no streamer is online on the Lurklink!

How can I reach the Web Dashboard of the Bot?


How do I get the Discord bot to join my Discord Guild/Server?

Simply click here 🎉

You don't! It will automatically put every online streamer with active Streamer Mode from your Discord there.

There are multiple reasons possible.

Streamer Mode

You need to have the Streamer Mode enabled in Discord to be shown! This also is valid for Console Streamers! They need to have the Streamer Mode enabled and linked their Twitch account in their Discord Profile under Connections and Discord running.

Multi-Twitch is Discord-Role based

It might be that the Multi-Twitch is role based for the Discord you are in. So you would need to be added to the role.

Discord Bug which sometimes happen

It seems like sometimes the Game overwrites the Streaming mode. Please disable the game Status in your Profile under Game Activity.

Important: For you it will look like you are streaming and you got the purple bubble! But everyone else including the Bot will not see you as streaming. Let's hope Discord will fix this soon

What do the ranks mean on the Official Lurker.tv Discord?

Mainly they are there for testing purposes and reflecting your total Lurktime of Lurker.tv since the beginning. So they kind of showing how awesome you are <3

On other Servers which are using the Rankingsystem they are showing your Monthly Lurktime and will reset on the 1st of each month. Some communities require a special Lurkrank to be shown on the Multi-Twitch or are even rewarding your Lurkness.

Why does the Bot not give the lurkrole to some users?

Maybe minpoints is active, and the user did not yet reach the minimum required points, or it is the 1st of the month when no role changes are done.

Why are there fewer ranked streamers shown with /lurktime as there are people shown on Lurker.tv?

The ranking for /lurktime is limited to the current month. Only streamers are shown which linked their Twitch to Discord via /addtwitch

What are Bonus-points, and how do I earn them?

Bonus-points are points you can earn on-top of your Lurk time.

You can earn them in these ways:

  • Host a Discord Community member which also linked his account

  • Chat in a Stream via. Lurker.tv

In addition, please check out this link

I did not get Bonus points for chatting! What could be the reason?

There are some reasons when it will not count:

  • You did not Link your Discord and Twitch on Lurker.tv

  • The Bot just restarted and needs to rejoin all the channels, which can take a while, duo of rate limits on Twitch end.

  • If you just started Lurker.tv and there are new Streams the Bot is not in, yet there will be a delay of around 5–10 seconds until the bot joins and can see you chatting.

  • You did not reach the current minimum of 3 messages in 5 minutes, where 1 letter won't count as a message...

Important hints:

  • Bonus points for chatting are only given for lurker.tv/discord/ communities.

  • There are some really rare cases when we do not get all messages from Twitch, which we do not found out why yet. This is one of the reasons we currently restart the bot every 24h

Options (optional):

  • Define the minimum points which are required to this role per month!

  • Define how many points should be added per day to the minimum required points

  • Define how many days people are protected from being removed from the role after the lurktime reset on the start of the month.

  • Define multiple additional Lurkroles. These are not affected by the above settings. Usable for example for Staff Members

Example 1: You define a Lurkrole and 120 minimum points required & +30 points per day & 2 days protected.

The Bot needs to be in a higher role than the Lurkrole to have permissions to assign the role to people.

  1. E: Day 1 of the month: People will require 120+(30*1)=150 points to be added! They will not removed with less points

  2. E: Day 3 of the month: People will require 120+(30*3)=210 points to be added! They will be removed with less points!

  3. E: Day 10 of the month: People will require 120+(30*10)=420 points to be added! They will be removed with less points!

Example 2: You don't have set a Lurkrole = All online streamers in your discord will be shown

Example3: You have set a Lurkrole but not minimum points = You can add people by your own to the lurkrole. None will be added/removed automatically

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