Bot Commands

Discord Bot Commands. If you are missing commands or got great ideas for new commands/features join our Discord
Open once and link your account.

General Commands

You can also use most of them as slash (/) commands! If you just enter / you should see all the availible slash commands from different bots which kind of also replaces ?help So just try /rank /lurktime /lurktop10 etc.
  • /lurklink Shows you the Link to your Lurk Website
  • /live Shows you all streaming Members.
  • /lurktime Will show a summary of your Lurkpoints (LP) / Lurktime
  • /rankwill show your overall rank & level
  • /globalrankwill show your rank & level over all servers
  • /lurkstatus shows who you are lurking
  • /lurked shows how many people are Lurking you from
  • /lurktop10 <day/month/total> shows the Top10 lurkers of your Discord. If you use it like /lurktop10 month 06 it will show you the ranks of this specific month.

Admin Commands