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How to I link my Discord to my Twitch Account?

Open once and link your account.

General Commands

You can also use msot of them as slash (/) commands! If you just enter / you should see all the availible slash commands from different bots which kind of also replaces ?help So just try /rank /lurktime /lurktop10 etc.
  • ?help Will show you all commands
  • ?lurklink Shows you the Link to your Lurk Website
  • ?live Shows you all streaming Members.
  • ?lurktime Will show a summary of your Lurkpoints (LP) / Lurktime
  • ?rankwill show your overall rank & level since the 30.10.2020
  • ?lurkstatus shows who you are lurking
  • ?lurked shows how many people are Lurking you from
  • ?lurktop10 <month/total> shows the Top10 lurkers of your Discord. If you use it like ?lurktop10 month 2019 06 it will show you the ranks of this specific month.
  • ?referral <@mention-user> will tell the system that @mention-user recruited you. You will receive 100 bonus points and your recruiter will receive 500 bonus points. Both of you need to have used the

Admin Commands

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