[Lurker.tv+] Rankingsystem

The Lurker.tv Ranking system will give your Discord the possibility to give your users a certain rank on your discord and more.

1st step - Get the Discordbot

Invite the Discord Multi-Twitch Bot now!

2nd step - Purchase the Feature and contact LurkerTV Staff

This is a Premium Feature you only can get via Patreon

After you purchased the Patron Tier, please contact LurkerTV Staff at their Discord via the ?ticket command

We then will discuss all the settings (Check the JSON down on this page in advance if you can)

3rd step - Check this out

The Multi-Twitch ranking for Discord will enable you to set multiple roles on Discord which the Discord-Bot will use. The bot will then every hour check every of your Discord members which connected their Discord to Twitch via the bots ?addtwitch <yourtwitchname> command.

In addition, you can set a Notification Channel via ?lurkchannel <channelname> which will enable your Server to see messages like:

  • promoting/demoting of members to their roles

  • Member hosts someone on Twitch (Hosting community member will reward Bonus points)

  • Chatting on your Lurker.tv link on a community members channel (will reward Bonus points)

Example of the Notifications:


Server Configuration

To set up all of this we would need a .json file like the following one.

{ "rank": 1, "id": "575954251889770496", "percent": 1, "emote": "<:lurkgrand:582532137832546304>", "multiply": 1 },
{ "rank": 2, "id": "575954368046825472", "percent": 3, "emote": "<:lurkchampion:582532635633647635>", "multiply": 1 },
{ "rank": 3, "id": "575954420219641896", "percent": 6, "emote": "<:lurkdiamond:582508297211478023>", "multiply": 1 },
{ "rank": 4, "id": "575954548464812053", "percent": 10, "emote": "<:lurkplatinum:582532137836740648>", "multiply": 1 },
{ "rank": 5, "id": "575954667704418314", "percent": 17, "emote": "<:lurkgold:582508297224192001>", "multiply": 1 },
{ "rank": 6, "id": "575954732514803722", "percent": 23, "emote": "<:lurksilver:582508297341632512>", "multiply": 1 },
{ "rank": 7, "id": "575954825913696266", "percent": 40, "emote": "<:lurkbronze:582508297307947018>", "multiply": 1 }
  • “rank”: Self explaining

  • “id” Is the id of the Discord-Role you want that rank to be (How to find out the Roleid)

  • “percent”: is how much % of the users will get this rank. All percent needs to be 100%

  • “multiply”: If you want to change how much bonus points are earned for that role you can change adjust the multiply.

  • “emote”:

Default Rank Icons

These are the rank icons we use. You for sure can use them too. If you want something else you can change “emote”: to whatever you want.

Example of how the ranks look like in the Discord Member list