[Patreon] Ranking System

The Lurker.tv Ranking system will give your Discord the possibility to give your users a certain rank on your discord and more.

1st step - Get the Discordbot

Invite the Discord Multi-Twitch Bot now!

2nd step - Purchase the Feature and contact LurkerTV Staff

This is a Premium Feature you only can get via Patreon

After you purchased the Patron Tier, please contact LurkerTV Staff at their Discord and tell them your Server name

3rd step - Configure the roles

  • Go to bot.lurker.tv choose your Server

  • Navigate to the Lurker+ Settings which should now be unlocked

  • Fill out all 5 roles under the Ranking System settings

Keep sure that the Ranking Bot has a hight role than the 5 ranking roles!

Example of how the ranks look like in the Discord Member list

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