Admin Commands

LTV Bot Discord Commands

Admin Commands

All admin tasks are to be done on Since the introduction of (/)slash commands, those commands are no longer implemented.

  • ?lurkchannel <mention #channel> tells the bot in which channel he should post Bonus-point/Ranking messages

  • ?changepoints <twitchname> <(-)points> <reason> You can add/remove bonus-points for users

  • ?check <@Discordname> will check the History of these users for ?changepoints changes (last 20 changes)

  • ?lurkrole <rolename> Set the Multi-Twitch based to a Discord-Role instead of the whole Discord. To disable type ?lurkrole none

  • ?lurkrole-minpoints <points> will define which is the minimum amount of lurkpoints/time a user needs to have to automatically get the ?lurkrole you have defined. The reset is always at the 1st of each month but it will start reapplying roles on the 2nd so the user got enough time to reach the minimum required points. (1 points = 1 minute) ?lurkrole-minpoints 0 will deactivate it again.Please use the Bot's Dashboard @

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