I want to support how can I do this?

Kind of you! You can check out this page! Thank you

How do I count as viewer on Twitch with Chrome / Firefox?

There are some things you need to be aware of:

  1. The Tab or even better the Windows needs to be visible. So if you use multiple Tabs and is in an inactive tab, it won't count as a viewer.

  2. Streams on needs to be unmuted*! To do so, check the Tab for your Browser below

On Firefox click on the green lock or (i) to get the Window above and switch the Permissions for Audio Content to "allow"

*From what we know you can mute the whole Tab afterwards!

I want to avoid being shown on ! What can I do?

We understand your decision and for sure enable you to opt-out of the Page.

Please log in to and Navigate to User settings. Here you will find the option Blacklist yourself from beeing shown on which you need to activate.

In general, we recommend the OneByOne Player as you then always watch the streamer directly on Twitch, which is the best way to ensure you are counted as a viewer.

Yes, you can have different Lurklinks open and get points for them, but we highly recommend using the OneByOne player then. Also, please read the next article because if you have two Lurklinks open and do watch 8 streamers, you might not count as a viewer on any of them.

It won't help to have the same Lurklink open multiple times! This won't increase your points more than allowed.

How many Twitch Streams can I watch at once?

It is unclear how many will count. From what we know, you won't count as a viewer any longer for all streams open when you have more than four streams open. Duo, this we suggest having at max. four streams open.

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